Where Can I Watch (insert movie here)?!?

We here at the Watchalong (all two of us) are always trying to keep on top of the availability of PFach’s work, not only so we can re-watch our own personal favorites, but also so we can pass that availability on to you!  His movies are like Lay’s chips…you can’t have just one!  In that vein, we’re going to start a weekly Tweet (you already follow us, right?!?) advising you which of his movies are available on Netflix Streaming (NOT DVD). They’ll come out on Fridays, just in time for a snuggle-down-with-popcorn-and-fruity-drink viewing!

Mojitos and popcorn, yes and please!

Now, in case you’re wondering why we need to update you on Netflix’s availability…take it from us, they’re notorious for putting movies up and pulling them down faster than Bobby can pick your pocket.  For a while there were a bunch of PFach movies available, then they yanked over half of them.  The entirety of Fastlane was available, then it was gone.  Sometimes they give you fair warning, usually they don’t.  For a few heart-stopping days, ALL of his movies were gone from Netflix streaming…we fired off a few bitchy Tweets to @Netflix, then they magically reappeared (yes, we like to think our squawking had something to do with it).

Quite a bit of PFach’s work is available through mediums other than Netflix (Telling You and Lily come to mind), and have been noted accordingly in their individual recaps.  If a movie is available through less-than-honorable means, we’re not going to pass that along.  Sorry, but we’ve gotta respect the owners of the material in question.  We’re srs bsns like that.

Srs. Bsns.

Got a question about where you might find something you know we’ve watched (see sidebar) but haven’t recapped yet?  Feel free to e-mail or Tweet us!  Got a legit source for something we haven’t seen (again, see sidebar)?  Please do let us know, and we’ll happily give you credit in our recap!

Kate and Brits

P.S. – We’ve also added a “Find it HERE” search function on the (JUST GO EYEBALL IT NOW!) sidebar…wanna quickly find our Enfants Terribles recap?  Type it in and watch it go!

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2 responses to “Where Can I Watch (insert movie here)?!?

  1. Prince Preston

    Yay! Wonderful additions to your guys’ already lovely site!! I usually just order DVDs off of Amazon versus streaming from Netflix but this could still help my journey to watch all of his hard-to-find material!

    And HORRAY for the awesomeness ‘Find It HERE’ sidebar!! I’ve been clicking random links (not that it was a problem, got to read past funnies ;)) to find certain recaps and now it’ll be easier to re-find them over and over again! Thank you!!

    “we fired off a few bitchy Tweets to @Netflix, then they magically reappeared” – Omfg, rofl lmao lol yay for you guys! :D

  2. Diana Maurer

    Not sure if u got my earlier email. Am looking for the wright verdicts welcome to Hollywood enemies that guy lily insatiable and reaper own everything else.

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