Rutger Hauer + PFach = WHOA!

Is horror the next step in our boy’s film career?  According to this article, the answer is yes!

MovieHole is reporting that Rutger Hauer is joining Christian Slater and Peter Facinelli for Way of the Wicked, a new film from director Kevin Carraway.

Lawrence Salva’s (Seven Below) script centers on a detective (Twilight star Facinelli) on the trail of a murderer, who is led to believe that a local teenager, harboring some sort of strange supernatural power, may be involved. Slater plays the man’s disbelieving boss while Hauer plays a man-of-the-cloth who aids the cop on his mission.

Rutger Hauer, dang!  What do you think?!?

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One response to “Rutger Hauer + PFach = WHOA!

  1. Prince Preston

    Omg! This is such amazing news for me! I LOVE both Peter and horror movies! My favorite genre! :) Together this movie will be awesome!!!!! :D

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