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Filming WHAAAAAT??

In a new interview with Chris Evans of z103.5, PFach just said:

“I wrote another movie that I’m going to shoot this summer…”

Any guesses?!?  There have been several hints about movies he’ll be involved in next…we want to know which one it’ll be!!!  Starring?  Directing?  Producing?  Overseeing?  Oh the suspense!!!


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Status of Paz

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Paz, a movie detailing the life of Rhode Island boxer Vinny Pazienza.  He was a world champion before almost dying in a car accident, but not only did he recover…he came back and won THREE more world championships!

As far back as March 2010, Vinny himself was saying that PFach would be playing him in the movie about his life, and went on a news show with Michael Corrente to confirm it (it’s an interesting pre-Loosies video too):

A little over a year later in June 2011, though, PFach didn’t exactly confirm that he’d be playing Paz:

“I’m attached to it,” Peter told of the film-in-the works, based on the life story of the Italian-American former world champ, who formerly went by Vinny Pazienza. “It’s pending script. Right now the script’s being written, so if the script is up to par, I’d love to do it.

“I’ve met Vinny Paz and I think his story is very inspirational,” Peter added. “It’d be fun to do a boxing movie.”

(You can read the entire article here.)

After Loosies‘ January 2012 theatrical release, Verdi Productions turned their attention back to Paz, with a press release stating that filming would begin in September of this year, and that principal cast would be announced soon.  Vinny visited Verdi Productions the next day (pics here) and then again a couple of weeks later (pics here).  Sounds like things were picking up steam!

Right now the movie isn’t listed on PFach’s official IMDB page, but then again the page for Paz doesn’t have any actors listed either.  Notably, though, it was said in the news story below that there’s “no word yet on who will play Paz.”  :-(

Granted maybe that means that they just haven’t officially signed anyone yet, so unless PFach himself or Verdi Productions wants to give us a hint, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to add a BoxerFach tag soon!

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Rutger Hauer + PFach = WHOA!

Is horror the next step in our boy’s film career?  According to this article, the answer is yes!

MovieHole is reporting that Rutger Hauer is joining Christian Slater and Peter Facinelli for Way of the Wicked, a new film from director Kevin Carraway.

Lawrence Salva’s (Seven Below) script centers on a detective (Twilight star Facinelli) on the trail of a murderer, who is led to believe that a local teenager, harboring some sort of strange supernatural power, may be involved. Slater plays the man’s disbelieving boss while Hauer plays a man-of-the-cloth who aids the cop on his mission.

Rutger Hauer, dang!  What do you think?!?

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That Guy

We all know “that guy.”  And in this short film, directed by Peter Winther (who also directed our boy in Touch the Top of the World), PFach plays him.  Get ready to laugh, cringe, and then rewatch it all over again!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Watchalong-Style!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!  And before you get all grumpyface/Hallmark-holiday/fuck-this-shit on us, remember where you’re at!  Let’s all pound back some Hershey Kisses, get the warm-and-fuzzies over our favorite PFach character, and remember why we adore him so!

Without further ado, we present…


So there’s nothing surprising about my pick/s…Touch the Top of the World is one of my absolute hands-down PFach films anyway, and he is undeniably swoonworthy throughout!  Aside from the whole manly mountain-climber thing, we have three of my favorite moments:

*Kate just died*

Ellie: “I wish you could see me.”
Erik: “I just did.”

"Wizard picked them out."

Mini-tornadoes don’t stop Erik/PFach from hand-delivering a bouquet of flowers!

"I know we're perched on top of a teetering boulder, but..."

And then the ultimate proposal…WILL YOU MARRY ME?!? on top of this insane rock we just climbed?!?  WHAT WOMAN WOULD SAY NO?!?

Happy Valentine’s Day, from our twin-hearts to yours!!!


What makes Valentine’s Day better than a little swoon-worthy PFach on your screen? He’s sweeter than the richest chocolate, y’all, so let’s get our swoon on!!

I couldn’t narrow it down to just one moment OR one movie, so my greedy ass is picking two! Let’s start with my first choice: The deleted Carlisle/Esme scene in Twilight!

You know the one…

Nothing says I love you like vampire Eskimo-kisses and amazing Carlisle hair! *swooooon*

The dialogue is innocent enough. Two concerned adoptive vampire parents wanting what’s best for their emo vampire son. But the playfulness of the moment, his hands on her cheeks and the sweet nose-brushing kisses are just about enough to die for. Who can blame Esme for pushing him into the wall and having her wicked tender loving way with him? I sure can’t!

Watch the video below to see what I’m talking about! And don’t mind Catherine Hardwicke at the beginning. She loves Carlisle and Esme too….aaaaaand I think she had one too many Redbulls. Enjoy!

My second choice is none other than the swoon-worthy moment in Loosies where Bobby and Lucy walk around all night talking, laughing, holding hands… *sigh*

Skip to :26 of this video to see said talking, laughing, and hand-holding. Or just watch the whole thing because it’s a pretty awesome Bobby/Lucy fan video!

But even though the whole walking around all night montage was adorable and sweet, I don’t think anything compares to the moment where they’re standing at Lucy’s front steps, balancing on the edge of that pivotal moment when they’re either going to say goodbye and remember their night for what it was, or surrender to what they feel they really need, and turn it into something more. The moment in any movie, book or television show that makes your heart beat a little faster doesn’t have to necessarily be fueled by words. Sometimes silence says everything…

A sincerely sweet look....

A bit of nervous laughter. The tired kind that proves you've been up all night talking to someone you've instantly clicked with, and you just don't want it to end....

Or a look of longing. A look that says everything that needs to be said without a single word uttered...

This moment in Loosies makes you feel something more. It makes you long for that feeling where an encounter with someone is intriguing, exciting, and a little scary…but in a good way.

We hope all our fellow PFach admirers have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re snuggled up with your lovah or hanging out on your own, it’s important to remember that regardless of your situation, someone loves you very much!

And we sure as hell don’t need a grumpyface/Hallmark/fuck-this-shit holiday to tell us that, right?!?!?! (sorry Twin!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Love, Kate and Brits

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Status of The Delivery

During the live webchat on January 10th, @VANcinelli asked about the status of a film called The Delivery.

Peter answered her question!

The film has also been removed from his IMDB page, so it sounds like this one won’t be happening anytime soon!  :-(

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Battle Olympia

Back in 2007, Los Angeles was in the running to host the 2016 Olympic Games.  To this end, director Jesse Davey created this absolutely amazeballs video-bid to aid the city’s cause!  PFach shows up around 3:55 as a stressed office worker/Olympic Dressage Champion, but TRUST US and watch the whole thing!  If anyone can make chugging the nastiest of power-shakes look good, it’s Gavin Rossdale.  And PFach’s gleeful WHOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO after probably-not-so-successfully clearing a high-jump…yep, it’s all worth it!!!!!  Enjoy!!!

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