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And For Our Grand Finale…

Kate and Brits blow off dust, duck cobwebs…

Yup, it’s been a long time…but we come bearing news, and one more Recap to End all Watchalong Recaps!!!!  (Don’t stop reading here, it’s after the jump, we promise!!!)

Business first though!  YES, we are studiously ignoring the date of our last post, let alone our last recap, but life has taken us in wonderful and interesting new directions.  The Twins are still as tight as ever, never fear (more on that in a second), but unfortunately we found that we were starting to do recaps out of obligation, not joy and fun, and that is just not even remotely fair to you guys (or us).

The site will stay up for a while…Kate is looking into some kind of “turn your blog into a book” service so we can get a commemorative copy of something that brought us hours of enjoyment, as well as many many new friends.  And before your eyebrows hit the ceiling at the “commemorative copy” thing…come on, we wrote some funny shit!

What we’re up to now…we wrote a book!  Yes, an actual real honest-to-goodness book (and no, it’s not a p2p fic).  If you enjoy our writing style or would even just like to keep in touch, we would absolutely love it if you followed us on over here.

If you’re looking for a copy of MPT, please e-mail Kate at lazykatevamp@gmail.com, as we’re not sure how often we’ll be checking the comments here after this post.

We wish PFach all the best in his personal and professional life, and for being a good sport about us relentlessly using his films as punching bags an outlet for our clever wit.  ‘Cuz we’re pretty sure he accidentally saw at least one or two of our posts hopefully not Hollow Man.

Okay, enough of the SRS BSNS.  We’re going out with a bang, dammit, and that means…


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Ooooh, New Movie News!

Finally some more (hopefully reliable) PFach career news!!!!

From The Hollywood Reporter (check out the entire article here!):

The Twilight Saga’s Peter Facinelli will star in Gallows Hill, a supernatural horror movie to be directed by Victor Garcia.

Sophia Myles (Underworld)and Nathalia Ramos (Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis) are also in the movie, which is being produced by David Higgins of Launchpad Productions, Peter Block of A Bigger Boat and Andrea Chung.

Written by Richard D’Ovidio (Thirteen Ghosts), the story follows an American (Facinelli), widowed from his Colombia-born wife, who flies to Bogota with his new fiancée (Myles) to retrieve his rebellious teenage daughter Jill (Ramos). After a car accident leaves them stranded in a rundown isolated inn, they discover the old innkeeper has locked a young girl in the basement and their decision to set her free has unintended consequences. D’Ovidio and Higgins wrote the story.

Shooting is due to being this month in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

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Calm At Sunset

-Film: Calm at Sunset

-Year: 1996

-Character: James Pfeiffer

-Summary: James may have been the shining collegiate hope of his parents, but the family tradition of seafaring is impossible for him to shake.  He WANTS to wake up at buttcrack o’clock to go fling around and gut dead fish!  He WANTS to sink his (non-existent) life savings into a grody old boat of his own!  He WANTS to live the unglamorous life of Deadliest Catch!  But as usual…PARENTS JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!

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PFach Talks RV Park from Comic-Con!

Sorry about the extended silence on our part, Kate has been on vacation and since the twins share a brain…well…things tend to go dormant when one of us is absent!!!  Thankfully we’ve been reunited and have lovely things lined up for you!!!  Another Fastlane recap!  A new/old full-movie recap with a brand-spankin’ new video from the awesome FacinelliLatino!  And to tide you over while we work our buns off getting those finished…some new career news, straight from PFach’s mouth to your ears!!!

We’re crossing our fingers and toes that our boy can get a movie knocked out before Nurse Jackie starts Season 5…but either way, we aren’t complaining!!!  But with the hints about movies Facinelli Films is working on…some of which PFach is in…such a tease!  Thoughts??

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Can’t Hardly Wait – A SuperPost

Note from the Twins: Certain moments in PFach’s career are obviously bigger, more iconic, and more well-recognized than others.  Therefore we bring you the SUPERPOST…a recap with BIGGER BETTER FASTER MORE!  Enjoy!!!

-Film: Can’t Hardly Wait

-Year: 1998

-Character: Mike Dexter

-SuperPost Status: The first PFach movie many of his fans ever saw, and definitely a favorite.  Even if you’re not sure if you’ve seen it, we can pretty much assure you that you have. Continue reading


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What PFach is Doing This Summer! (and more!)

Wattpad.com did an interview with our boy while he was at the Tangers Outlet on May 20th.  Aside from an excruciatingly awkward moment where she told him about all the RPF written about him on Wattpad, this video has some great info in it, including answering the question in our last post!


  • Facinelli Films has about twelve projects in development right now, including one movie remake.
  • The movie we wondered about in our last post is one he’s mentioned before: a thriller set in an RV park (it sounds like it may actually be called RV Park), where a daughter goes missing and we see the extent her parents go to to find her.  PFach wrote the script based on the RV roadtrip he took with his family last summer.
  • Nurse Jackie will be coming back for Season Five!  (We’re holding him to that!)
  • PFach would like to give the horror genre a try (WHOO-HOO!) as well as a true romantic comedy.  He prefers Roman Polanski horror as opposed to monster horror…maybe Facinelli Films is remaking Rosemary’s Baby:-)

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Filming WHAAAAAT??

In a new interview with Chris Evans of z103.5, PFach just said:

“I wrote another movie that I’m going to shoot this summer…”

Any guesses?!?  There have been several hints about movies he’ll be involved in next…we want to know which one it’ll be!!!  Starring?  Directing?  Producing?  Overseeing?  Oh the suspense!!!


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Status of Paz

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Paz, a movie detailing the life of Rhode Island boxer Vinny Pazienza.  He was a world champion before almost dying in a car accident, but not only did he recover…he came back and won THREE more world championships!

As far back as March 2010, Vinny himself was saying that PFach would be playing him in the movie about his life, and went on a news show with Michael Corrente to confirm it (it’s an interesting pre-Loosies video too):

A little over a year later in June 2011, though, PFach didn’t exactly confirm that he’d be playing Paz:

“I’m attached to it,” Peter told AccessHollywood.com of the film-in-the works, based on the life story of the Italian-American former world champ, who formerly went by Vinny Pazienza. “It’s pending script. Right now the script’s being written, so if the script is up to par, I’d love to do it.

“I’ve met Vinny Paz and I think his story is very inspirational,” Peter added. “It’d be fun to do a boxing movie.”

(You can read the entire article here.)

After Loosies‘ January 2012 theatrical release, Verdi Productions turned their attention back to Paz, with a press release stating that filming would begin in September of this year, and that principal cast would be announced soon.  Vinny visited Verdi Productions the next day (pics here) and then again a couple of weeks later (pics here).  Sounds like things were picking up steam!

Right now the movie isn’t listed on PFach’s official IMDB page, but then again the page for Paz doesn’t have any actors listed either.  Notably, though, it was said in the news story below that there’s “no word yet on who will play Paz.”  :-(

Granted maybe that means that they just haven’t officially signed anyone yet, so unless PFach himself or Verdi Productions wants to give us a hint, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to add a BoxerFach tag soon!

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The Big Kahuna

-Film: The Big Kahuna

-Year: 1999

-Character: Bob Walker

-Summary: Three salesmen attempt to reel an industry leader into their sub-par hospitality suite and convince him to purchase their product.  By talking a lot.  Like, monologue after monologue.  Many many monotonous monologues.

Brace yourself, I’m about to hold forth on the meaning of life. Or sales tactics.

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Rutger Hauer + PFach = WHOA!

Is horror the next step in our boy’s film career?  According to this article, the answer is yes!

MovieHole is reporting that Rutger Hauer is joining Christian Slater and Peter Facinelli for Way of the Wicked, a new film from director Kevin Carraway.

Lawrence Salva’s (Seven Below) script centers on a detective (Twilight star Facinelli) on the trail of a murderer, who is led to believe that a local teenager, harboring some sort of strange supernatural power, may be involved. Slater plays the man’s disbelieving boss while Hauer plays a man-of-the-cloth who aids the cop on his mission.

Rutger Hauer, dang!  What do you think?!?

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