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Ooooh, New Movie News!

Finally some more (hopefully reliable) PFach career news!!!!

From The Hollywood Reporter (check out the entire article here!):

The Twilight Saga’s Peter Facinelli will star in Gallows Hill, a supernatural horror movie to be directed by Victor Garcia.

Sophia Myles (Underworld)and Nathalia Ramos (Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis) are also in the movie, which is being produced by David Higgins of Launchpad Productions, Peter Block of A Bigger Boat and Andrea Chung.

Written by Richard D’Ovidio (Thirteen Ghosts), the story follows an American (Facinelli), widowed from his Colombia-born wife, who flies to Bogota with his new fiancée (Myles) to retrieve his rebellious teenage daughter Jill (Ramos). After a car accident leaves them stranded in a rundown isolated inn, they discover the old innkeeper has locked a young girl in the basement and their decision to set her free has unintended consequences. D’Ovidio and Higgins wrote the story.

Shooting is due to being this month in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

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Series Recap: Fastlane – Pilot

(Note from the Twins: As much as we love Fastlane as a whole, not every episode deserves its own individual recap.  Therefore, some episodes will be recapped together, while our FAVORITES will have posts of their own!  Some categories apply to the season as a whole, and will only be noted in this post, and will be noted with a **.)

-Show: Fastlane

-**Year/s: 2002-2003

-**Character: Donovan “Van” Ray

-**What is the Series About? Per Wikipedia:

Van Ray and Deaqon Hayes are two mismatched cops teamed together by shady vixen police lieutenant, Wilhelmina “Billie” Chambers, in a secretive undercover division of the Los Angeles Police Department. Operating with the motto “Everything we seize, we keep. Everything we keep, we use,” their base of operations is the “Candy Store”—a warehouse containing a fortune in confiscated cars, clothes, weapons and everything else needed to blend into the seedy criminal underworld of Los Angeles. Given criminal covers, the officers use all of the resources at their disposal to apprehend dangerous miscreants while walking the line between cop and criminal, in a close relation to the Miami Vice series.

Per the Twins: CopFach wears a limited amount of clothing, barely adheres to the thin blue line of morality by banging female perp after perp, and had the awesomest bromance with Bill Bellamy EVAR!!!!  And then add in the multiple celebrity cameos, explosions galore, and rock-star cinematic style…Fastlane was DA BOMB!  (Even if the original soundtrack has now gone bye-bye.)

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Rutger Hauer + PFach = WHOA!

Is horror the next step in our boy’s film career?  According to this article, the answer is yes!

MovieHole is reporting that Rutger Hauer is joining Christian Slater and Peter Facinelli for Way of the Wicked, a new film from director Kevin Carraway.

Lawrence Salva’s (Seven Below) script centers on a detective (Twilight star Facinelli) on the trail of a murderer, who is led to believe that a local teenager, harboring some sort of strange supernatural power, may be involved. Slater plays the man’s disbelieving boss while Hauer plays a man-of-the-cloth who aids the cop on his mission.

Rutger Hauer, dang!  What do you think?!?

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Series Recap: Damages

-Show: Damages

-Year/s: 2007 (Season 1)

-Character: Gregory Malina

-What is the Series About? Per Wikipedia:

The series revolves around the brilliant, ruthless lawyer, Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), her protégée, Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), and the law firm, Hewes & Associates (located in New York City). Each season features a major case that Hewes and her firm take on, while also examining a chapter of the complicated relationship between Ellen and Patty. The series is also known for its depiction of the season-long cases both from the law firm’s point of view and from the target’s point of view.

Per the Twins: Um, lawyers being sneaky and underhanded, billionaire CEOs ripping off the little guy, and more double-crossing than you can shake a stick at!

I may look like I care, but I graduated top of my class in EEEEEEEEEEVIL!

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Film: Supernova

Year: 2000

Character: Troy/Karl Larson

Summary: Somewhere deep in space, in the future, there is a medical ship packed chock-full of big-name stars.  It just kinda floats around aimlessly until they get a distress call, then they’re off to the rescue, trashing their ship in the process.  But they’re gonna find out that rescuing Troy Larson and what he smuggled on board in his carry-on luggage was the worst thing they could have done.

There is no way this would have gotten through TSA security, just sayin’…

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An Unfinished Affair

Oh, these two crazy kids!

-Film: An Unfinished Affair

-Year: 1996

-Character: Rick Connor

-Summary: Well, first off, this was a Lifetime movie, so that should tell you a lot right there.  But in a nutshell, Daddy Connor had an affair with a hawt (evil) student WHILE HIS WIFE WAS SICK WITH CANCER, BONUS ASSHOLE POINTS FOR YOU!  The Trophy Wife recovers and Daddy Connor tries to break things off with his piece-on-the-side, Sheila (played by Jennie Garth).  Too bad Sheila is batshit crazy, and part of her batshit crazy plan to get back at Daddy Connor is to seduce his son Rick (PFach) and then deeeeeeeestroy him!  BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!!  Oh the Lifetime Crazy Evilness…it buuuuuurns!


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Enfants Terribles

-Film: Enfants Terribles

-Year: 2005

-Character: Curtis

-Summary: Well, the video above doesn’t keep many secrets, so why should we??  To quote the trailer: “A film about family values…incest, murder, and grave robbery.”

Here's two of the three right there...

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-Film: Tempted

-Year: 2001

-Character: Jimmy Mulate

-Summary: On the one hand, we have a whodunnit murder mystery with a couple of predictable side-plots.  On the other hand we have NAKED TIME WITH PFACH AND THE PICTURES TO PROVE IT!  WHOO-HOO, LET’S GO!!!

Goddammit, you told me you erased those pictures!

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Hollow Man 2

-Film: Hollow Man 2

-Year: 2006

-Character: Det. Frank Turner

-Summary: Umm, it’s Hollow Man 2.  As in the sequel to the first Hollow Man.  PFach plays the cop (squee!) and his hair is bad (sad!).  That’s about it!  You can’t tell from the trailer, but PFach is one of the lead characters.

-Fachs: YES!  COP-FACH!  Followers of Fastlane rejoice, COP-FACH IS BACK!

Im back bitches! BOO-YAH!!!!

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Film: Lily

Year: 2007

Character: The Man

Summary: Ummm, this is a toughie.  From what we’ve been able to figure out, PFach’s mommy did the dirty with the DEVIL, and her resulting pregnancy (with him) almost kills her.  The devil-daddy shows up and offers to save both her and the baby.  She accepts and dies anyway (don’t worry, that’s not much of a spoiler).  PFach gets obsessed in his adult life with finding out WTF happened to his mom, aided with some not-so-subtle hints from his devil-daddy, and sells his soul in the process.


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