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The Twins Took NYC: A Quick-and-Dirty Recap!

YES, your favorite twins are still here, Brits is practically living at work and Kate is recovering from the death-flu, but YES, we are still here!  In this spirit, we present to you our respective favorite things (in no particular order) about our NYC trip and then…what you’ve all been waiting for…A PIC OF US!  TOGETHER!  IN NYC!


  • THE SUBWAY!  OMG I loooooooved the subway!  I want a subway in Metro Detroit so I can just ride it around all day long!  (If you’re familiar with Detroit you’ll understand why the concept of “mass transit” is both foreign and AMAZEBALLS!)  I was even captivated by the weirdo that offered to buy my twin’s shoes right off her feet, and was charmed when we accidentally took the wrong train and ended up in another borough (we think)!
  • PEOPLE WALK AS FAST AS I DO!  I naturally truck along like a speedwalker anyway, so actually keeping up with pedestrian traffic instead of running people over totally made my day!  I knew I looked authentic after the bike-cab weirdos stopped approaching me!
  • THE MUSEUMS!  The Met was my favorite, but the Museum of Sex was actually pretty amazing (and totally serious and not exploitative) as well!  I could literally have just spent the week exploring museums, and we didn’t even visit all the ones we could have!
  • THE 9/11 MEMORIAL!  I’m truly humbled and grateful to have been able to visit, especially since the last time I was in NYC, the buildings full of people were still there.  It was a profoundly sad but incredible experience, and I was greatly moved by our time there.
  • FINDING OUT THAT NATIVE NYCers KICK ASS!  The natives were a million times cooler than the tourists, people were genuinely friendly and helpful, and I already miss them!  Anyone who says NYCers are assholes can kiss MY ass!!!!!  I LOVE YOU NEW YORK!!!!!


  • THE NEW YORK CITY STREETS! Oh my God, you guys, I loved nothing more than to put on my shades and hightail it down the beautiful streets of NYC. Every single person I passed was so fascinating to me. The smell, the sounds, the amazing sights, and the people watching…I was on cloud nine! And no I’m not a creepy creeper who creeps. I’m just curious, okay?
  • OUR HOTEL! I know this shouldn’t be a favorite thing considering I was in a huge fascinating city. But I loved it. The location (right across from Central Park and a half block from Fifth Ave) was amazing! Everyone was so nice, and when you wake up to the view of a perfect sunrise over Manhattan from the 42nd floor, you seriously can’t ask for more.
  • 9/11 MEMORIAL! I can’t honestly say that the 9/11 Memorial was one of my favorite things in NYC, but it was absolutely the most important thing that I not only experienced in New York, but in my life. Words can’t express how it felt to stand where something so heart-breakingly tragic happened. I cried, I had a hard time leaving, and I had never felt more connected to NYC or our country. All in all, it was an experience I will never forget.
  • ELLIS ISLAND! The energy on this island was AMAZING, and believe me when I say you could feel presence of the thousands upon thousands of people that passed through those doors in search of a better life. I loved seeing the pictures, learning about their struggle, reading the gratitude of their quotes, and having a new-found appreciation for my ancestors who came here to give me a better life.
  • BROADWAY! So because I’m a sucker for a deal, I was determined that my twin and I spend less than $100 total for our Broadway show tickets. So I found Bring It On and was like hey, that’s my guilty pleasure movie! *add to cart* Well, it was AMAZING!!! The singing, the dancing, the tossing people up in the air and not being sure they’re ever going to come down cheerleader moves…I had a smile permanently plastered on my face the entire time. My $20 cocktail was totally worth it. The entertainment was excellent, and I got an adult sippy cup out of the deal. Who can complain?

-SOMETHING THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN US: If you click here, you can donate to the American Red Cross to help those still in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The twins were able to type this post from the warmth, comfort, and safety of their homes, there are TOO MANY people in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding area who have lost all they have.  PLEASE CONSIDER clicking and donating just a little bit, please?

-AND FINALLY…iPhones have that wonderful front-facing camera that allows you to take pictures of yourself and your twin cavorting around NYC!  Does that make you a better photographer?  Well…NO.  Hence…

From NYC with love!

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PFach Talks RV Park from Comic-Con!

Sorry about the extended silence on our part, Kate has been on vacation and since the twins share a brain…well…things tend to go dormant when one of us is absent!!!  Thankfully we’ve been reunited and have lovely things lined up for you!!!  Another Fastlane recap!  A new/old full-movie recap with a brand-spankin’ new video from the awesome FacinelliLatino!  And to tide you over while we work our buns off getting those finished…some new career news, straight from PFach’s mouth to your ears!!!

We’re crossing our fingers and toes that our boy can get a movie knocked out before Nurse Jackie starts Season 5…but either way, we aren’t complaining!!!  But with the hints about movies Facinelli Films is working on…some of which PFach is in…such a tease!  Thoughts??

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What PFach is Doing This Summer! (and more!)

Wattpad.com did an interview with our boy while he was at the Tangers Outlet on May 20th.  Aside from an excruciatingly awkward moment where she told him about all the RPF written about him on Wattpad, this video has some great info in it, including answering the question in our last post!


  • Facinelli Films has about twelve projects in development right now, including one movie remake.
  • The movie we wondered about in our last post is one he’s mentioned before: a thriller set in an RV park (it sounds like it may actually be called RV Park), where a daughter goes missing and we see the extent her parents go to to find her.  PFach wrote the script based on the RV roadtrip he took with his family last summer.
  • Nurse Jackie will be coming back for Season Five!  (We’re holding him to that!)
  • PFach would like to give the horror genre a try (WHOO-HOO!) as well as a true romantic comedy.  He prefers Roman Polanski horror as opposed to monster horror…maybe Facinelli Films is remaking Rosemary’s Baby:-)

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Where Can I Watch (insert movie here)?!?

We here at the Watchalong (all two of us) are always trying to keep on top of the availability of PFach’s work, not only so we can re-watch our own personal favorites, but also so we can pass that availability on to you!  His movies are like Lay’s chips…you can’t have just one!  In that vein, we’re going to start a weekly Tweet (you already follow us, right?!?) advising you which of his movies are available on Netflix Streaming (NOT DVD). They’ll come out on Fridays, just in time for a snuggle-down-with-popcorn-and-fruity-drink viewing!

Mojitos and popcorn, yes and please!

Now, in case you’re wondering why we need to update you on Netflix’s availability…take it from us, they’re notorious for putting movies up and pulling them down faster than Bobby can pick your pocket.  For a while there were a bunch of PFach movies available, then they yanked over half of them.  The entirety of Fastlane was available, then it was gone.  Sometimes they give you fair warning, usually they don’t.  For a few heart-stopping days, ALL of his movies were gone from Netflix streaming…we fired off a few bitchy Tweets to @Netflix, then they magically reappeared (yes, we like to think our squawking had something to do with it).

Quite a bit of PFach’s work is available through mediums other than Netflix (Telling You and Lily come to mind), and have been noted accordingly in their individual recaps.  If a movie is available through less-than-honorable means, we’re not going to pass that along.  Sorry, but we’ve gotta respect the owners of the material in question.  We’re srs bsns like that.

Srs. Bsns.

Got a question about where you might find something you know we’ve watched (see sidebar) but haven’t recapped yet?  Feel free to e-mail or Tweet us!  Got a legit source for something we haven’t seen (again, see sidebar)?  Please do let us know, and we’ll happily give you credit in our recap!

Kate and Brits

P.S. – We’ve also added a “Find it HERE” search function on the (JUST GO EYEBALL IT NOW!) sidebar…wanna quickly find our Enfants Terribles recap?  Type it in and watch it go!


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That Guy

We all know “that guy.”  And in this short film, directed by Peter Winther (who also directed our boy in Touch the Top of the World), PFach plays him.  Get ready to laugh, cringe, and then rewatch it all over again!

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Superhero Auditions: The Wonder Twins

The twins (NOT US) work closely together . Maybe a little too closely (WELL OKAY MAYBE). Watch “Superhero Auditions: The Wonder Twins (with Nikki Reed)” and more funny videos on CollegeHumor.  (YES THIS IS OLD, BUT IT WILL NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY!  ENJOY!)

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Film: Chloe

Year: 2005

Character: The Boyfriend

Summary + Kate’n’Brits’ Thoughts:  This isn’t really a film at all, but rather an in-your-face wake-up call about an ugly thing called lupus.  There is too much FAQ about lupus for us to completely address here, so we urge you to visit a site like www.lupus.org to find out the signs, symptoms, treatments, etc.   And please don’t take it lightly…this is a disease that affects more women than people realize!  Even if you’ve never heard of/known much about lupus before now, take a second and check this site out.  Please?

Obviously, this is a post unlike any other you’ve come to expect from us…but at the same time, we’re women just like (probably) 98% of the readers of our blog.  Kate has a dear friend/former coworker who suffers from lupus, and seeing the pain that she went through on a daily basis, let alone the casual dismissal she experienced from “medical professionals” still sticks with her.  Even if you aren’t sick, even if you don’t know anyone who has been diagnosed with lupus, go check out this site, m’kay?

The fact that PFach participated in a FYI about this disease only makes us love him more.  Yes, his character is more than slightly stalker-y, but it gets the point across in a painfully poignant way.

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